Buy now pay later?

Buy now pay later is a credit option offered by a number of retailers. It means exactly what it sounds like; you buy what you want now, and pay for it at a later date. This is ideal for someone who needs a new laptop or sofa and doesn't yet have the money to pay for it.

How do I pay it back?

The best thing about buying on credit is that you get to choose how you pay back what you borrowed. You can choose to pay it back over a series of weeks or months. This means that rather than paying a huge lump sum of hundreds of pounds, you only have to pay a few pounds per week or per month. This is ideal for those who struggle to save.

Monthly or weekly?

Depending on which store you choose to buy from, you will be given a choice of payment options including pay monthly and weekly. Some stores only offer one or the other whilst others may offer you both. We have found you the stores that offer you both options.

How much interest?

When buying expensive items on credit you will find that most stores will charge you interest on what you borrow, however, there are quite a few stores that do offer an interest free period, although it is worth noting that these have lower acceptance rates when it comes to credit checks and so are not ideal if you have bad credit.

What can I get?

Although here at we have found you the best payment options for technology products such as laptops, ipads and TV's, you really can get any items you want on finance including clothes, furniture and much, much more.

UK Catalogues

Home shopping catalogues such as Lookagain are some of the best places to shop on finance with their buy now pay later and spread the cost payment options. They also provide you with a complete shopping experience, so whether you're looking to buy some new clothes, a new TV or even a new sofa, they've got it covered.