Best Alternatives to Catalogues

In case you have shopped using catalogues, you’ll most probably admit that they are essential tools for buying many products at the same time. Catalogues are easy to use and they enable you to keep a whole list of the items you need so that you can create a good budget and figure out a proper payment method. But what if catalogues don’t work for you? Well, there is no need to worry; there are several places where you can get amazing deals. Moreover, many of these deals come with flexible credit facilities. Consider the following online stores which are great alternatives to catalogues.

1. Perfect Home
Perfect Home is one of the largest retail chains in the UK. It provides good-quality electronics and other household appliances to clients on credit. Perfect Home is unique in that it provides its clients with a very transparent contract. The company also does its best to advise and support its clients throughout the purchase process. Delivery takes up to one week; the company doesn’t charge you extra delivery costs.

2. Lookagain
Lookagain operates under the Freemans group, which is one of UK’s top home shopping companies. This online store offers a wide variety of clothing and other fashion items for all types of individuals. All their clothes are specially designed to offer the best quality at the best prices. Lookagain is particularly good at providing clothing and accessories for women. This store offers standard, nominated and next-day options for delivery. The good thing is that they offer 2 weeks return period if you’re not satisfied with the item.

3. Dial-a-TV
Dial-a-TV offers you a wide range of household items on small installments that you can choose to pay either weekly or monthly. They stock many rental products which have been excellently revamped to suit your needs. These items include washing machines, freezers, TV’s, cookers and many more. Delivery takes up to one week; however, these deliveries are not done on weekends. Their refund plan covers up to seven days after purchase.

Final Verdict
These online stores are great alternatives to catalogues. This is due to the many benefits associated with them, one of which is the ability to pay on flexible credit terms. However, it is good to have a good financial plan to effectively pay the installments. A credit card could be a good way to make credit purchases on these online stores.