Are there Catalogues similar to Lookagain?

UK consumers love Lookagain catalogue purchases. As the name implies, the great designer name brands and styles turn heads, and people will look again at what you are wearing. So, where else can you shop to find these great designer

Pay Monthly Macbooks

Macbooks are very powerful laptop computers, but can be expensive. If you are looking for a good way to spread the cost on Macbooks then you can buy on finance. There are quite a few different stores where you can

Best UK Retailers that offer Pay Weekly Vacuum Cleaners

Looking for a vacuum cleaner? Here are three catalogue retailers that let you take home a new vacuum cleaner and make repayments in affordable weekly chunks. 1. Brilliant Gift Shop The Brilliant Gift Shop is renowned for its flexible repayment

Top 2 Pay Monthly Stores that sell iPads

Looking to pay for an iPad in installments but don’t know where to look? With so many UK catalogue companies out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully, this page will help to clear up the

Next Generation Consoles on Finance

The latest games consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are very powerful and expensive machines. It can be difficult to save up and buy a games console which is why many people are buying them on credit.

3 Places to Buy a DSLR Camera on Credit

DSLR cameras have revolutionised the way people take photos. If you’re searching for this item online, you’ll find DSLR cameras from the world’s biggest electronic brands – including Nikon and Sony – in UK catalogues. Not only will you have

Latest Mobile Phones on Finance for 2016

Most people get their phones for free as part of a contract, but this isn’t actually the best way to buy a phone. Buying a phone as part of a contract works out to be pretty expensive. It is possible

Best Online Stores for Laptops on Finance

Laptops are incredibly useful items, offering all the functionality of a PC, but on the move, at home, at work, even on holiday! Unfortunately, even although the prices have come down in recent years, even the cheapest laptops cost several

Skyline Direct – Loans for Scotland and Northern Ireland

Skyline Direct offer cash loans and high street shopping vouchers to customers based in Northern Ireland and Scotland. Skyline Direct loans involve fixed weekly repayments with no late payment fees or penalties. They pride themselves on ensuring loans are manageable

Paying in Installments – The Pros and Cons

When buying expensive items you will usually find that some sort of finance terms are available where you can pay in instalments, spreading the cost over a long period. This can be a very attractive proposition, especially in these troubled