Top 5 Catalogues which offer Credit Plans

Whether you are looking for the latest fashion items for the season, a new washing machine, or Christmas gifts for all the family; spreading the cost of your purchases with home shopping catalogues and their flexible finance options can really

Who are Homebuy?

For those who want buy now, pay later shopping options, Homebuy Group offers just that. The pay as you go, weekly payments are extremely low, allowing consumers to buy items they otherwise couldn’t afford, and pay it off over time.

Best Tablets for Kids this Christmas

The market for children’s tablets has improved immensely over the past couple of years and now there is a really good selection to choose from. With Christmas not far away, let’s take a look at the best tablets available from

Rent-to-Own on TV’s

For those who do not have the cash in hand to out-right purchase a television right now, renting to own is a great option. This process offers you what you need on credit in return for monthly payments until you

Top 3 TV’s available from Brighthouse

Brighthouse is one of the leading weekly payment stores in the United Kingdom. It has lots of branches located in major cities and different areas of the country. Brighthouse is well known for a variety of products such as electrical

Top 3 Tablets of 2015

Tablets are the best when it comes to providing users a sharp, generous screen size, unmatched versatility and portability on the go. What are the Top 3 Tablets of 2015, and what makes them the best among the rest? 3.

Where Can I Buy a Mobile Phone on Finance

We completely understand how important it is to own a great smartphone. We also understand how money can be a problem when it comes to getting your hands on a smartphone you’ve long been dreaming about. The good news is

High Street vs Online Home Shopping

There are those who prefer high street shopping while others will always go for online shopping. There is a big difference between the two. In high street shopping you will be required to travel to where the stores that sell

Brighthouse vs Dial a TV

BrightHouse and Dial-a-TV are some of the largest weekly payment retailers in the UK. They stock almost similar products and services. This begs the question: BrightHouse vs Dial-a-TV – what’s the difference? They have a few notable ones beginning with

Rent to Buy on Tablets & iPads

Undisputed Benefits Of Renting A Tablet Tablet PCs have become very cool pieces of advanced technology. However, the majority of the people do not need them on a long term basis. Most like them because they are trendy. In addition,