Pay Weekly on the iPhone 6S

So you’re shopping for a new iPhone 6s. Want great deals, of course. Want brilliant screen size and payment options, of course. With buy now, pay later, you will find just that. So, what are your financing options through catalogues?

Samsung Galaxy S7 on Finance

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one the most sought-after smartphones this year and is expected to be at the top of many consumers’ Christmas wish lists. The phone, which utilises the latest smartphone technology, lets you communicate with friends and

How to Pay Monthly with Amazon

For those who are shopping and looking for great deals online, shopping with is a great place to start. With nearly any type of product you are shopping for, and the best reputation in online shopping, you can’t go

Spread the Cost on Video Cameras

Video cameras capture those special moments: births, marriages, happy times. Now, you can apply for a credit account with a catalogue company and choose from a wide range of video cameras, including products from some of the world’s biggest tech

Which Catalogues Sell iPhones

Looking for the 6S, 6 Plus, or iPhone 6? How about an older version for a lower price point? When you are looking for a mobile phone, and want to invest in an iPhone, just where should you turn to

Playstation VR on Finance

PlayStation VR, a virtual reality head-mounted display, is due to launch in October 2016, allowing fans of the franchise to experience virtual reality and enhanced gameplay. Purchasing this item on finance from a UK catalogue could provide you with loads

Things to Consider when using a Credit Catalogue

Shopping for new clothing? Want to buy new electronics for the home, or the latest designer shoes and handbags? Financing via catalogue shopping is a popular practice for UK consumers. The ability to buy now, put zero down ,and finance

Isme & K & Co: What happened?

If you’ve been searching online for Isme and K&Co, you might be scratching your head. These catalogues no longer exist but they have joined other brands to offer an assortment of products, excellent customer service and flexible finance options. Here’s

Spread the Cost on Mobile Phones

Whether you’re looking for a new Samsung smartphone or a Nokia handset, buying a mobile phone on finance provides you with an alternative way to pay than conventional high street shopping. Here are two of the best catalogue brands that

Pay Weekly on American Fridge Freezer

For homeowners shopping for an American Fridge Freezer, the option to buy now, pay later is one to consider. Due to the fact that there is more than one company you can use these payment options with, taking the time