High Street vs Online Home Shopping

There are those who prefer high street shopping while others will always go for online shopping. There is a big difference between the two. In high street shopping you will be required to travel to where the stores that sell

Brighthouse vs Dial a TV

BrightHouse and Dial-a-TV are some of the largest rent-to-own retailers in the UK. They stock almost similar products and services. This begs the question: BrightHouse vs Dial-a-TV – what’s the difference? They have a few notable ones beginning with their

Rent to Buy on Tablets & iPads

Undisputed Benefits Of Renting A Tablet Tablet PCs have become very cool pieces of advanced technology. However, the majority of the people do not need them on a long term basis. Most like them because they are trendy. In addition,

Top 3 Online Credit Catalogues

Obtaining finance from a catalogue company might suit you better than paying for your order upfront. There are a number of retailers – some of which have a presence on the UK high street – that let you apply for

How to Apply for a Credit Account

Do you love shopping for new clothing, furniture, electronics, and accessories online? If so, buy now, pay later catalogues are one of the best ways to shop. For those who wish to apply for a credit account, there are good

A quick look at Argos

Just to give an overview of Argos and what it is exactly, let’s start by saying it’s a British retailer located in the UK and Ireland. There are 737 locations throughout these two countries. It is so widespread that ninety-six

Renting a TV

Most rental companies in the United Kingdom that offer household products on a rental basis, usually offer them at cost that is much lower than buying your own household item. By doing this they leave you with totally no concern

An overview of applying for finance with catalogues

Shopping through catalogues is one of the best ways to buy items you otherwise can’t afford, and want to own, without having to pay the full price up front. But, with many catalogues, which one is right for you? These

Catalogues for People with Bad Credit

In the UK, there are a few catalogues who allow people to order from them without doing credit checks. This can be very helpful in certain situations. If you have a bad credit history you can still buy items using

Improving your chances of getting accepted

How to improve your chances of being approved for credit One of the methods of getting money is by applying for a credit in a bank or any other institution. You only need to apply for the amount of money