Computers and Laptops

In the UK, there are many retailers who have made their name in the computer industry, however, most of these stores cannot offer you computers or laptops on finance. So, where can you find a Laptop on credit? The answer is UK catalogues. Home shopping catalogues such as Littlewoods offer a payment option called “buy now pay later” or “spread the cost”. This allows their customers to buy a laptop or desktop on credit today and pay for it at a later date. It also means they can pay back what they owe over a series of weeks or months.

Catalogues which offer “buy now pay later” laptops
Depending on the catalogue of choice, many of them will offer laptops on credit. Among the catalogues in UK; K& CO, Argos, Very, Littlewoods and many others which will offer you laptop on credit options with any orders above a minimum of £100. Some of the catalogues such as Littlewoods will even go to the extent of delivering the items for free. Where you have difficulty in saving, paying weekly on laptops provides you with a solution which will not cause any headaches. Where you do not have a personal account, you will have to pass a simple credit check after which you can go on with the simple application process. It is important to note that this transaction can be done easily online where you have a personal account with the catalogue.

Interest free credit Laptops
When buying on finance for the first time, even with bad credit, you will be eligible to get finance on huge amounts. It is important however that before you put buy your product that you understand the terms such as whether the laptop on finance will attract any interest or not. This is because with interest, the cost will skyrocket and sometimes you could end up paying double for the same laptop. Littlewoods and the Home Direct Group offer interest free credit to all their customers who have an account with them.

Benefits of Laptops on Finance
This finance plan could also go a long way to improving your credit rating especially if you have bad credit. This is because with every payment, you get a positive mark in the credit record which will enable you successfully apply for credit in the future.