How to Rent a TV and Pay for it on a Weekly Basis

If you’re wishing you could have a high-quality HD TV but you can’t afford to buy, you can now rent it. A TV rental plan, allows you to rent a TV and pay for it on low cost weekly payments. You can opt to rent or rent to buy. Rent to buy means that you rent the TV for a certain period, and after making all your payments you can enjoy full possession.


With renting, there is no ownership. TV renting gives you an opportunity to spread the cost at a rate that you can afford, allowing you to furnish your home with the TV that you desire. It includes delivery and installation of the TV and repair in an event of a breakdown.

Benefits of TV Rental
There are many benefits of renting a TV. You get free repairs or replacements in cases where the TV is beyond repair, leaving you free from the worries of the high costs of LCD panels repairs. In case of any breakdown, you are covered. Also, renting a TV allows you to move quickly with the changing technology. You get updated with the latest technology every time new technology outshines your current. Update features like internet applications, high definition and 3D are usually introduced regularly. This updates will come to you at no costs. Another advantage is the unlimited free servicing and help you get from the experienced team of advisors in the rental stores.

Who is suitable for Pay Weekly?
Provided that you live in the UK, you are above 18 years of age and you are certain that you can make the weekly payments; you could qualify to rent a TV. When you settle for the rental plan, you simply choose the TV you’d like to rent, apply and wait for the agreement to be processed. Usually companies will carry out credit checks to confirm identity, and an affordability assessment. This is done to make sure that you can afford the weekly payments.

Some companies also help customers who struggle to find credit. Payment are made more affordable by choosing a pay weekly TV of a value that suits them. These TVs provide equally great services, though at a lower price.

At the end of the rental period you can opt to upgrade to the latest TV available or return your TV. You could also choose to keep renting your current TV to avoid the unwanted financial outlays.