Pay Weekly on American Fridge Freezer

For homeowners shopping for an American Fridge Freezer, the option to buy now, pay later is one to consider. Due to the fact that there is more than one company you can use these payment options with, taking the time to compare financing terms, prices, interest, and repayment periods, are a few things to consider.

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Where can you finance –
Depending on the type of financing you desire, there are a handful of sites from which you can choose. One such option is With payment options as low as 32 pounds per month, you receive 6 month interest free on any order of 250 pounds or higher. is another site which you can finance these purchases with. With apr interest rates of 68.9%, if must have decent credit in order to avoid these hefty fees and interest charges. Pay weekly terms extend up to 156 weeks, offering viable, easy repayment terms to customers as well.

What to consider –
If you choose to finance the purchase you will have to keep a few factors in mind. For starters, do you need to go through a credit check, and how much is this going to impact your weekly or monthly payments? You also have to know if there is a down payment requirement, how long you can extend the repayment, and difference in interest depending on if you finance weekly or monthly. Of course free delivery, no pre-payment penalties, and other special offers or discounts should also be considered in comparing catalogue sellers.

Pros & cons –
Of course there are good and bad when it comes to financing. In terms of the good, some pros include: ability to repay over time rather than come up with a lump sum up front, typically there are no down payment requirements, interest rates are usually determined based on credit scores (good for those with good credit). Further, in many cases you decide how long you have to repay.

In terms of the cons, some issues with financing are: high interest rates, penalties if you don’t repay on time, and the fact that your credit score typically dictates how high your payments are going to be.

If you are searching for viable financing terms, you have to compare a few catalogue sites prior to purchase. These are a few top options, with great financing terms, for those who are in search of a new fridge, and would like to finance the purchase.