Top 3 Mobile Phones of 2017

The UK smartphone market is awash with new devices that captivate audiences every year. While this is a good problem to have, it still presents several challenges to the consumer. You have to spend time surfing websites in order to get something that works for you and if you are not careful, this could lead to you passing on to great deals and landing not-so-great phones simply because they are considered the mainstream choices. If you buy your phone on a yearly contract, then you always want to grab something new every year. 2017 has the choices laid out below:

galaxy s7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
The 5.5 inch screen curves away magnificently to reveal a soft, sleek core. It is a great improvement over the S7 and can stand behind its own hype. It is great against weather of every kind and comes with an elevated battery life. Most importantly, those who missed the departure of the Micro SD slot have a reason to celebrate, because that big boy is back now.
The edge uses super AMOLD technology, which makes for great brightness levels and high definition visuals. The phone is a real bat for those want to flash their phone fiendish nature. The Price is around £569, inclusive of VAT.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
If you think that one rear camera is enough, then you haven’t seen the other side of things. This monster has two, which allows the user an unprecedented level of quality control. In addition to that, it comes with two low power processors that help maintain your activity at a constant stream while at the same time making sure that you can use your device for more than a day without having to recharge. The 7 Plus has a price range, depending on what RAM and storage you are looking for. Expect to pay up to £919, with all prices inclusive of VAT.

Sony Xperia Z5
This 5.2 inch handset is everything you would expect from Sony. While there are no shifts in appearance from earlier models by the company, this is a great phone because it showcases a good attempt at going huge in terms of screen size. The phone is highly resilient against water and dust and is capable of withstanding other elements. The glass back is a little delicate, but that can be taken care of via accessories. Battery performance is good-at par with the likes of Samsung and HTC. The Sony Xperia Z5 is now worth around £510.