Pay Weekly on the iPhone 6S

So you’re shopping for a new iPhone 6s. Want great deals, of course. Want brilliant screen size and payment options, of course. With buy now, pay later, you will find just that. So, what are your financing options through catalogues? Should you finance the purchase? Where can you find the best deals? These are a few of the basics when it comes to financing the purchase of your iPhone 6S.


Pay weekly/monthly –
Littlewoods, Very, Dial a TV. These are some of the sites you can choose to finance your purchase with. Of course these sites offer weekly as well as monthly payment terms. If you are looking for the best payment options, and wish to avoid interest, you can finance the purchase and pay it off over a set period of time (usually 3 or 6 months). So compare catalogues, the present sales and promos, interest rates, and any discount or zero interest promo periods prior to choosing these, or other catalogues from which to purchase.

Benefits of financing the purchase -
Yes, of course there are benefits to choosing to finance your iPhone 6S as opposed to buying outright; what are these benefits?
1. Pay it off over time. You choose weekly or monthly, you choose interest rates, and you decide how long the repayment period is.
2. You don’t have to come up with the full price up front.
3. You have several catalogues you can browse through. So you find the best deal, promos, and decide which ones offer the best terms on financing.

Basically, you have more places to shop, more ways to save, and find the deals and payment terms which you can afford for your new iPhone 6S.

Drawbacks to financing -
Of course you have to consider the cons as well. One major con is the fact that it is pay as you go, meaning you don’t fully “own” the phone until paid in full. By which time a new iPhone is likely to have hit the market. If you like the latest phones, there are other ways to shop, so you might want to consider them. Of course you have to include interest rates, which are typically high. So you are undoubtedly paying more than the actual price of the phone, even though you spread the cost out over time.

No matter why you are considering financing, with the iPhone 6S, you have options. Make sure to compare, consider, and shop around prior to choosing the ones which work best for you. And make sure to go through a reputable catalogue, so you find the best deal, promos, and terms, when you are ready to invest in your new phone.